Animal Houses

I had the great honor to have two of my designs accepted to this 2009 summer exhibition at the Morton Arboretum. The challenge: to display how trees are used as homes. I submitted two designs: a large hollow log, laying on its side, and the gigantic stump of a tree a raccoon was using to peek out of. Both got built, on a grand scale. The Arboretum loved the raccoon stump so much they kept it up for another year after the exhibition closed.

I could not have done this without the fantastic skills of Gary Link, Anna Wolfson, and Bim Willow, and the support of Anamari Dorgan at the Morton Arboretum. Thanks to them all!

These are some shots of the two pieces I designed for the Morton Arboretum show, “Animal Houses.” They’ll be up all summer!

I think the poster the Arboretum designed for this is beautiful.

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